Gurdev Lota


Gurdev is a Fully Qualified, Fully Insured and Registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, hypnotherapy Practitioner. He has spent more than 10yrs attending training courses, learning from experts, experiencing all life has to offer and following his passions.

About Me

I’d spent my time unhappy in the system and I decided that I wouldn’t let it hold me back any longer – I had a responsibility to myself to take action and do something about it.

I did my ACADEMIC EDUCATION inside the SYSTEM but I broke free and got my LIFE EDUCATION by my OWN DESIGN. I’ve created Mind-1 to take all of this valuable knowledge so that I can work with you so you too can break free from the things that make you unhappy or that hold you back.

Consultations and Fees

I provide a variety of courses:

Resilience To Win, Discover Your Ability To Win, Winning Ideas – Creativity & Innovation, Winning Impact – Insight Presentation Skills, Winning Client Engagement – Networking, Rapport & Changing Generations,
Winning Commercial Conversation (part 1) – Effective Listening, Winning Commercial Conversation (part 2) – Questioning & Summarising

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Contact Details

Mobile: 07961 178 195

Location: Covering Burnham, Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead