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The ICCHP is unique in providing access to modern technology, helping our graduate hypnotherapy students to deliver e-Therapy sessions online and start taking appointments without the costs involved with setting up a private clinic. Even with a private clinic, in a modern world, the demand for hypnotherapists delivering therapy sessions online is increasingly in demand. Whether or not you want, need or have a website as a practicing hypnotherapist, you will have an immediate internet presence on our global online hypnotherapists portal (virtual clinic).

The ICCHP have a dedicated cloud based internet server with unlimited capacity, as well as an experienced webmaster and technical expert, so we can offer our graduates the lowest cost website design and website hosting, along with Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Google Advertiisng expertise as well as technological guidance to assist our graduates in setting up a practice.


Not experienced in delivering online hypnotherapy sessions?

We Offer a Distance Learning Practice Management Master Class as well as a Delivering e-Therapy Online Master Class

The ICCHP Provides All Practitioner Graduates with Help Starting Up in Practice Free of Charge – Unique Post Graduate Support – Global Online Therapy Portal (Virtual Clinic) for ICCHP accredited hypnotherapists.

Graduate practitioners who complete our classroom based practitioner certificate (PCHyp) and practitioner diploma (PDHyp) courses are listed free on our exclusive Hypnotherapy Practioners online therapy portal. Includes Integrated Calendar/Booking, Payment Processing & the Most Secure Video Conferencing Technology Available – Exclusive to ICCHP Graduates – Your Practice is Up and Running as Soon as You Graduate!